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Custom WIT control for editable test steps in VS


Custom WIT control for editable test steps in VS
This task tracks implementing a custom Work Item Tracking control to replace default non-editable test steps control with ability to edit.

NOTE: This control will require customizing the TestCase Work Item Template in each TFS Team Project to use the custom control instead of the default test step viewing control. Automating WIT customization (final installation step) is a completely separate (non-trivial) feature that should be tracked separately.

From discussion "Repackage as a VS Add-in" (ajryan, Dec 15 2010 at 3:45 AM):
I can think of two possibilities for VS integration: as an add-in (or VS2010 extension), or as a custom work item tracking control. The latter might be nicer, you would edit your WIT definition and replace the default steps list control with this one.